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“This letter is to express my appreciation for the way that your organization has taken over handling our inbound call volume. I whole-heartedly recommend your organization, and the concept of an outsourced call center, to any small/medium sized catalog/internet retailer such as us.”

Catalog and Internet Retailer

“We were amazed with your staff’s handling of our calls. The operator that comes on is both knowledgeable and pleasant and handles the call in a very professional manner. We could not ask for better service!”

Help Desk Client

“The fact that all of your calls are digitally recorded is priceless. If there is ever a call that we have a question on, I can listen to the call by logging into your secure web server or you can look it up and send the actual call to me attached to an email.”

Customer Service Program

“You have been taking our orders and handling our customer service for over a year and continue to do it efficiently and flawlessly”

Internet Retailer

“We originally had two call centers taking orders but it wasn’t until we consolidated all of our order taking to America’s Call Center that we appreciated the speed and efficiency that you take our orders and still maintain the warm and friendly way with our customers.”

Catalog and Internet Retailer

“I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for the outstanding level of service provided by America’s Call Center. Your attention to detail and flexibility allowed our firm to register a record viewing audience of over 4,500 participants at 308 conference centers for our television program.”

Ad Agency Marketing Program

“Your process is so smooth, not to mention extremely cost effective, that outsourcing our functions to ACC was the smartest decision we have made.”

Internet Retailer

“Americas Call Center has taken orders for the past year for our company. They have been very efficient and have done a tremendous job. In December they took hundreds of calls a day. They are always courteous and friendly to our customers. I highly recommend Americas Call Center.”

Catalog and Internet Retailer

ACC, An American-based Call Center, Guarantees Accuracy


We are in the business of connecting – person-to-person and B2B in a wide array of businesses sectors. Our ACC Client Benefits include:

  • Uninterrupted service since 1987
  • Accurate and highly efficient
  • Providing information on receivables and refunds
  • Answering FAQs
  • Providing reports in various formats
  • The flexibility to meet every client need
  • A location in the U.S.A. – a highly valued customer asset


ACC Customer Services include:

  • Marketing solutions, including reporting
  • Directing and delivering information
  • Providing responses for order taking and processing
  • Answering FAQs
  • Helping clients use websites and connect to business services
  • Understanding transportation logistics and giving directions
  • Providing product or service information
  • Handling store or office complaints
  • Offering technical support
  • Issuing credits and refunds
  • Assisting with retail promotions
  • Reporting a quiz answer score and contest information
  • Gathering information for insurance claims
  • Responding to emails immediately


Our business clients shared these reasons why they chose ACC over the competition:

  • Calls are recorded allowing you to listen remotely via secure internet any time
  • Order-taking and messaging expertise
  • Accounts receivable and receipts
  • Agent education testing and result services
  • Advertising response and direct marketing
  • Level One help desk
  • Chat and verbal guidance remote control help for caller using client web page


Telephone message taking involves three fundamentals. They are:

  • Designing a message to include all information you want to communicate
  • Defining exactly what to do with the information – who to send it to, and how it will be sent
  • Special messaging software assures accuracy and efficient call handling.
  • Ensure appropriate and exact messages are delivered in accordance with your instructions, either by text message, voice, fax or email.


We guarantee accuracy and efficient call handling. Each message contains the exact information you require to convey to the caller. All contact information is programmed into the script, so it is automatic and time is not wasted looking it up.

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ACC’s Flexible Features include:

  • Advanced technology, call monitoring and reporting
  • Highly skilled professional agents
  • Dynamic and laser-focused scripted messaging
  • Ability to receive calls via voice, text or email
  • Ability to use your URL or ours
  • Usage of remote or in-house databases
  • Instantaneous email responses for emergencies and customer response
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