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“This letter is to express my appreciation for the way that your organization has taken over handling our inbound call volume. I whole-heartedly recommend your organization, and the concept of an outsourced call center, to any small/medium sized catalog/internet retailer such as us.”

Catalog and Internet Retailer

“We were amazed with your staff’s handling of our calls. The operator that comes on is both knowledgeable and pleasant and handles the call in a very professional manner. We could not ask for better service!”

Help Desk Client

“You have been taking our orders and handling our customer service for over a year and continue to do it efficiently and flawlessly”

Internet Retailer

“We originally had two call centers taking orders but it wasn’t until we consolidated all of our order taking to America’s Call Center that we appreciated the speed and efficiency that you take our orders and still maintain the warm and friendly way with our customers.”

Catalog and Internet Retailer

“Americas Call Center has taken orders for the past year for our company. They have been very efficient and have done a tremendous job. In December they took hundreds of calls a day. They are always courteous and friendly to our customers. I highly recommend Americas Call Center.”

Catalog and Internet Retailer

“Your process is so smooth, not to mention extremely cost effective, that outsourcing our functions to ACC was the smartest decision we have made.”

Internet Retailer

“I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for the outstanding level of service provided by America’s Call Center. Your attention to detail and flexibility allowed our firm to register a record viewing audience of over 4,500 participants at 308 conference centers for our television program.”

Ad Agency Marketing Program

“The fact that all of your calls are digitally recorded is priceless. If there is ever a call that we have a question on, I can listen to the call by logging into your secure web server or you can look it up and send the actual call to me attached to an email.”

Customer Service Program

America's Call Center Offers Live Answering Service

Our professionals offer flexible solutions to match exactly your call center needs. Each call center program is results-driven and designed specifically for immediate delivery by the right people with the right skills, equipment and software. We are a provider of outsourced customer contact solutions in both voice and inbound email .

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, ACC’s local and in-house professional agents take pride in their work. Each agent receives appropriate ACC Customer Training regularly. . Our ACC Call Monitoring System assures continuous compliance to standards.   We also allow you access to each call so you can hear our team’s responses to a caller’s questions, inquiries, orders or other customer support. We value our agents and honor their tenure; many have been with us for years.

Our state of the art equipment and software delivers efficient and effective call center accuracy. Our policy is to keep one step ahead of industry advances. Our scripting software forces our agent to get complete information per your requirements. All this results in less time on a call while maintaining the professionalism your callers expect.

We have a secured ACC Disaster Avoidance Plan that includes dual service entries for voice and data lines and internet, batteries (UPS), generator, redundant hardware and, of course, minute-to-minute oversight. We have been awarded the prestigious Telecommunication Service Priority designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, assuring our clients high priority should a disaster occur.

At ACC, we adhere to using best practices, including the highest security standards possible with third party verification and certification for Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, which allows for security and privacy of all call center programs.

We welcome you to feel free to call and discuss specifics or arrange a site visit.


ACC’s Flexible Features include:

  • Advanced technology, call monitoring and reporting
  • Highly skilled professional agents
  • Dynamic and laser-focused scripted messaging
  • Ability to receive calls via voice, text or email
  • Ability to use your URL or ours
  • Usage of remote or in-house databases
  • Instantaneous email responses for emergencies and customer response
  • FREE quote – let’s get started!
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